Navjeevan Mission School

Education in India is a privilege and countless children are denied access to good education due to several factors. Poverty is the chief reason. In response to the need, Missions India was able to start a school in Chattisgarah. From a humble beginning in 1996 the school has grown to provide education till the 10th grade. More than 600 children are studying even as the missionaries and teachers are working hard with the vision to bless the children with education and usher in the social transformation that the gospel brings.

Empowering Women

In the past 29 Years hundreds of girls from financially challenged homes have been greatly blessed in the Skills Training Centre, Navajeevodayam Centre, Tiruvalla. The residential programs in the Navajeevodayam campus provide vocational training in Computer, Printing, etc. to girls, many of whom have obtained employment opportunities in different places and many are self employed. Presently, in Tiruvalla, Government Certified Computer Course is offered as one year program. Tailoring is taught in the Skills Training Centers of Missions India in Kashinagar (Odisha), Rajkhot (Gujarat), Gangyal (Jammu), Mathalampara(Tamil Nadu), Malavayal (Kerala).

Hostels / Day Care Centre

Children’s homes have been established in different parts of India under the name Karunya Balbhavan. These homes shelter many children who do not have the privilege to live in a good environment due to being very poor. Ours is an effort to provide a better childhood and an opportunity for a good future. Above all we believe that exposing them to the gospel in their tender age will help them make the right choices in life and live a life trusting God.

In a smaller scale, but with the same purpose Day Care Centers are run in G. Nagarotta, Majalta, Dolia (Jammu), Adakhandia (Odisha), Siliguri (West Bengal) and Aluva (Kerala).

Senior Citizen Welfare Homes

As the people advance in year, in their old age, many are neglected at a point when they are in utmost need of help. In response to the growing need to care for the elderly destitute, Old Age Homes have been set up in Alwarkurichi (Tamil Nadu) and Konni (Kerala). Around 40 persons find refuge in alwarkurichy, where the home is set up to meet the challenge of taking in the elders who, according to their custom, are cast out in their old age. The Senior Citizen Welfare Home in Konni cares for the elderly women.

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