Church Planting

Missions India ministries have reached many unreached parts of India with the love of Christ. The seeds that have been sown with tears have borne much fruit and the ministry is growing on various fronts. The hard labour and committed efforts of our missionaries have never been in vain and the ever-growing fellowship groups established in the mission fields bear witness to this fact.

Remarkably, Missions India has so far dedicated 73 prayer halls in different states of India where there are no churches, to the glory of God. Thousands of believers are nurtured to Christian maturity in these fellowship centres.

Revival Ministry

Every child of God desires to see a revival and be a part of it. However, persistent praying is the key to revival. With this conviction Missions India conducts revival meetings, Bible study programs and conventions. We need to persevere because the best is yet to come.

Fellowship Groups: Missionaries have gone to distant places hearing the call from above. God has added those who believed into His kingdom. As a result, in places where there was not even a single Christian, Christ’s disciples have been raised. God has honored the humble efforts of His children and now 300 worship groups exist. 50 Prayer halls have been dedicated in most of the states of India. The Word is indeed proclaimed with power and might, and salvation is from the Lord.

Youth For Mission

The young people should be led to the Lord with love and care. We have joined hands with the church and Christian bodies to disciple youngsters for Christ. Bible studies, retreats, seminars etc. are conducted on a regular basis, at different places in Kerala. Well planned programs are conducted in the Navajeevodayam centre. Many people have been blessed over the years.

Drawing from the spirit or Navajeevodayam ministry, the vision of Mr. K.V. Cherian that We Are One In Christ, Missions India strives to bless the existing churches. We consider it a great privilege to serve the body of Christ without making the slightest differentiation. The efforts over a period of many years have earned the respect and affection of many people around the globe.

Missionary Training Centre

Our commitment to the principle of indigenous mission requires us to make progress in the mission fields with the service of dedicated native missionaries. Cross cultural missionary work is only a stepping stone in this direction. However, proper basic training is the key. The missionary Training Centre in Tiruvalla has been hailed by many as the best project in Missions India. Ample evidences have been seen from the fields testifying that the effort is not in vain. The six month courses is an intensive training program to infuse Christian character, basic Bible knowledge and practical know – how to do the ministry. Short term training program is offered for women, both missionaries and lay leaders, from all the mission fields. Sunday school training in Hindi language is given to the teachers who minister to the children in our fellowship groups. There is a short term training program in Telugu language for the missionaries working in Andhra Pradesh. All these programs facilitate greater effectiveness in mission work.

Mission to the Migrant Workers

Kerala has seen a surge of migrant laborers coming from different parts of India. Missions India started an effective ministry to reach out to them with love and care. Consequently, many people have been reached with the gospel and medical care has been extended to the sick among them. Several fellowship groups are being conducted in different parts of Kerala for them. 

Medical Ministry

Missionary work in Rajasthan was established as a result of caring for the underprivileged sick. The people who were on the verge of death, forsaken by all, were restored to health by the living and meticulous care of our medical missionaries who had to work with manager resources. However, alive by the grace of God they continue as faithful believers and some are serving God as missionaries.

Presently, medical services are offered to the poor people by conducting Medical Camps in different parts of the nation and also for the migrant workers in Kerala.

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