The Beginning - K.V.CHERIAN (1910-1984)


God’s servant K.V. Cherian was born in Pariyaram, near Mallappally. He belonged to the Marthoma Syrian church and from his early childhood, he had an eagerness for the gospel and missionary work. He earned his degree from Aluva U.C. College and entered a job in Madras . He married Annamma in 1942 a native of Kottayam, who earned her degree from W.C.C, Madras. While he was working in Madras the divine call came to him and he resigned his job and went to Tamil Nadu as a missionary for the Oriental Missionary Society. After the birth of his son in 1950, he came back to Kerala and started the publication of Navajeevodayam magazine and Navajeevodayam ministries. God used him tremendously for the spiritual revival among the believers and churches throughout Kerala and in Tamil Nadu.

He started the All Kerala Christian Fellowship, Navajeevodayam magazine, South India Keswick Convention, Navajeevodayam Bible School and also took initiative to start Trans World Radio program in Kerala. His non-denominational, non-sectarian approach made his teaching equally relevant and helpful to people from all racial and religious backgrounds. The work God started and the tears of him never ceased. He was fondly called the ‘prophet of tears’. His burning desire was to carry the Good News to the unreached parts of India . But he went to be with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Feb 20th 1984. His son George Cherian carries on the work the Lord started through him and as a fulfillment of his dream of spreading the Good News throughout India and all over the world.

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