About Missions India


Missions India is the vision-come-true of a man named George Cherian. He was born and brought up in a Christian home with sound spiritual background. His father late. Mr. K.V.Cherian  was one of the most powerful revival speakers in Kerala whom God used to start the Navajeevodayam movement. Though his devout mother introduced Jesus to him when he was seven, George Cherian pursued a professional career after engineering. His career-oriented life took him to challenging jobs and different countries. But at the age of 35, God decisively intervened and asked him to change the course of his life. At first he was hesitant to leave the job and take his family and himself into a region of uncertainties and it took him three years to take the decision to obey God’s call and come out for ministry. In 1987 he gave up his profession and began the journey of faith in the Lord’s ministry.

Initial years of difficulties and waiting in God’s school of training were painful yet it was an enriching experience. The Lord began to bless his preaching ministry and enabled him to become an effective Bible teacher and a conference speaker. This took him to several parts of North India . The spiritual poverty and social needs of the society created a missionary vision in his heart. This was the beginning of Missions India. There were no human pledges or promises but God of heaven made it possible. Hence the motto became “the God of Heaven will give us success; therefore we his servants will arise and build”.

He is married to Susan, a godly woman who is also a partner in the ministry. Along with her ministry among women and children she also serves as the administrative secretary of Missions India. They are blessed with a daughter, Anne, and a son, Cherry. Anne is married to Dr. Tarun Jacob. Both of them are serving the Lord in the Ottanchatram Mission Hospital. They are part of a blessed team catering to the medical needs of the poor villages in that region. They are blessed with two sons – Nathan and Nishan. Cherry is working in a multinational company based in Bangalore. He ministers among youths through music and the Word of God. He is married to Sarah, also an engineer and they are blessed two children – Naomi and Nathaniel.

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