Children's Homes

India has the largest number of orphans in the world and their number increases at an alarming rate. Being left to live on their own they find the streets to be their homes and fight to secure their space.

Our Karunya Balbhavans are homes for a few such unfortunate children who are deprived of parental love and care and the basic amenities of life. Here they no longer carry the stigma of orphanhood and enjoy a sense of security. 131 children are being raised and properly schooled in our balbhavans located at Rajkhariar, Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Rayalseema (Andhra Pradesh), Bhuj, Rajkot (Gujrath) and Tumgaon (Chhattisgarh). Missions India has also set up day-care schools for poor and needy children at G. Nagrotta, Kanpur (Jammu & Kashmir) and Adakhandia (Orissa).

Old Age Homes

As the people advance in years, in their old age, many are neglected at a point when they are in utmost need of help. In response to the growing need to care for the elderly destitutes Old Age Homes have been set up in Alwarkurichi (Tamil Nadu) and Konni (Kerala). 33 persons are finding refuge in Alwarkurichi, where the home is set up to meet the challenge of taking in the elders who, according to their custom, are cast out in their old age. The project in Konni at present houses 12 elderly women.

The people who have come to us do have age related problems; however, they are accorded dignity and live peacefully. Our doors are open to the needy in their twilight years.

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